Issue #1

What have we learned fromm COVID-19 and what does it mean for us?

Back in 2018, the answer to that question was already intricate and we knew that we were not done with this debate just yet.

Face masks and social distance? Ms. Pokorny, ECC/ILS teacher, tells us how the routine of her students has been impacted during Covid-19.

Returning to campus this year meant embracing a new way of working altogether. Malika, ISB Accountant, shared how she adjusted to the new reality.

James MacDonald joined ISB right when many were wondering what learning post-Covid-19 would look like. How did this affect his role as a director?

We spoke to Mark Ulfers, Executive Director of the AAIE about the practices that are helping schools all over the world become better places to learn during this time of crisis.

The past months have been intense for young people around the world, but little space is given to their voices. What do they have to say?

Mary Jeanne Farris explains how Middle School collaborative learning spaces ensure safety measures are respected.

Kathryn Manu, ES Counselor, shared the highlights of a conversation with parents about the nuances of parenting in a digital world.

The ISB FA successfully maintained the community engaged, despite all challenges Covid-19 presented. How did they make it?

Our student guided a virtual tour around the High School facilities as part of the IB accreditation that happened virtually this year, due to health & safety measures.

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