What Should School be for?

Throughout nearly 70 decades of its journey, the International School of Brussels has continuously strengthened not only the teaching and learning experience but also its legacy of developing independent learners and international citizens in an ever-evolving world. ISB's mission of establishing an environment where everyone is included, challenged, and successful is continuously evolving. The meaning it had 2 years ago may not be as suitable for the world we live in today. Where does that live us?

The Starting Point

A profound reflection helped us to define the story of our school year in 2018: What should school be for?

Back then, the answer to this question was already intricate and we knew that we were not done with this debate just yet.

When 2020 emerged and unfolded its unprecedented challenges, it forced most of us to rethink nearly all aspects of our life and learning, including the approach to what school should be for.

We invited members of the ISB Leadership to reflect on how this approach has evolved, and what it means for us in 2020.