A Letter to ISB

Jasper, MIddle School Student


"Dear ISB,

Working through Covid-19 hasn't been easy this year, and has prevented me from participating in the extracurricular activities I'd normally be a part of. However, I do think that you have done a great job at staying open and safe for everyone. The measures implemented, which seemed a little unnecessary at first, make sense for the situation we're in.. This year I have learned a lot. I learned to manage my time much more effectively and efficiently, which keeps me on track and on time with my work. Your main role in my learning has been your supportive and constructive mindset, which encourages all students to be creative and independent. I'm grateful for the opportunity to stay in school and to follow a modified yet effective curriculum in person, unlike friends back in the United States. What I'm looking forward to the most in 2021 is to be able to play sports in person and to meet up with multiple friends again. I am also looking forward to a vaccine being distributed among the masses so that we can finally go back to a "normal" life."

- Jasper, Middle School Student

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