Embracing the Umpredictable: ISB Arts Tv

By Eric Delson, Head of Performing Arts


Directly on the heels of our spring semester of Distance Learning, the Performing Arts Team sat down to discuss strategies for presenting student concerts, performances, technical skills, and projects. Without live performance, how would we share our students' collective work and achievements in the Arts?

Performers perform - it's what we do - so the challenge was great, but the solutions were just as powerful. Our own multi-talented HS Theatre teacher Alan Hayes phoned me in late August and in his ever-creative and thoughtful way pitched the idea for what was to become ArtsTV!


We decided to concentrate our performing efforts into shorter, more accessible clips which present and celebrate the power of Arts learning from the ECC through to the High School. We do not let masks and distance get in the way of collaboration and communication!

We soon realized the potential of this initiative and quickly got in touch with our Visual Arts colleagues to gauge their interest as well. To say that they were enthusiastic would be an understatement and since then, we have been collaborating; working together on the planning of projects that will soon be ready for the entire community to appreciate, enjoy (and hopefully applaud!) adding yet another layer of involvement for the entire community despite the difficult challenges we all face in these days.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature, born of hardship, but celebrated as a new facet to reflect community and collaboration in the Arts@ISB.

We see the power of this media not only as a temporary alternative to concerts, vernissages, and theatre productions, but rather as an avenue to open a world of possibilities to collaborate, create, and to introduce our students to the future of Arts learning and exploration.

Eric Delson Head of Performing Arts

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