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The ISB Difference

Jim Turner, Class of 1982

" After eight schools in ten years, I can state unequivocally that my ISB student experience was transformative.

Stepping into the Chateau for the first time was as exhilarating as it was intimidating.

School Director, Bob Ater, quickly put me at ease during my intake interview. His seemingly genuine enthusiasm for the school and my participation in the community immediately made me feel ‘at home’.

I can vividly recall the instant respect I had for the faculty. Their commitment to each student was absolute. The incredible diversity and talent of the teaching staff was second to none! To experience this caliber of instruction was a first for me.

However, ISB’s staff was not the only standout.

The school seemed to provide an extra-curricular niche for everyone. Mine became drama. Again, I was welcomed into the fold and allowed to explore and participate both on and off-campus. From the school plays and world-class artists brought into the classroom to our Senior London Theatre Trip, this immersion fueled my post-ISB life for many years. Quality exposure seemed to permeate through all of the arts, sports, and miscellaneous programs offered.

ISB’s location in the heart of Europe also sets it apart with real time exposure to global events, politics, diverse populations, etc. My sense of what becoming a true citizen of the world entailed was born during my time at ISB.

To this day, I cherished my lifelong ISB connection. I also enjoy an even greater respect for the teachers and staff who were my role models. I look back at my time at ISB as a collaboration within the entire community. The parent volunteers, the staff, the administration, and fellow classmates make ISB a remarkable institution. I wear my ISB experience with immense pride.

Jim Turner, Class of 1982

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