A conversation about Fear

Fear is part of our life and at every stage of our development, we may be faced with particular challenges and trials that force us to confront our fears and find new ways of overcoming them.

For a 12th Grade student, these fears may be attributed to preparing for life and learning beyond ISB. For a senior in college, applying for jobs and breaking into the professional world. Most of the time, these fears become our strengths, launching us into new adventures and shaping us into the people that we eventually become. In this podcast, an ISB alumnus and a current ISB High School student will have an open and honest conversation about what fear means to them, in what forms they have experienced it/are experiencing it in their lives, and how best they have learned to overcome it. This is a particularly important topic today, as we try to embrace new realities and so much uncertainty. Although an alumnus and a student will be at different stages of their personal and professional growth, they can both learn from each other and might find, through the course of the conversation, that they have more in common than they had previously thought.

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