Annual Report: Looking Back, But Moving Forward

The ISB Annual Report 2019-20 celebrates this most unusual of years and acknowledges the contribution of so many to another chapter of life and learning across the school.

As we head into a new year that is full of hope, let us take a moment to look back and remember a year that will be hard to forget. The timeline below provides a glimpse into some of the key moments that the ISB Community proudly lived in the 2019-20 School year. We also welcome you to view the full version of the annual report.

Summer 2019


Middle School & High School Renovations

29 August 2019


First Day of School

27 September 2019


CIS/MSA Accreditation

11-12 October 2019

ISB Homecoming

9 March 2020


The Beginning of Distance Learning

12 June 2020

New ISB Director

Appointment of a New Director

14 June 2020


High School Virtual Graduation

24 June 2020

Annual Report International School of Brussels

Last Day of School

11 June 2020

Alumni Reunion

24 June 2020

IB Examination Results

Learning Beyond ISB

This list represents the Universities ISB graduates are matriculating in Fall 2020. This data was comprehensive at the time of Graduation (15 June 2020), but may not reflect placements of which ISB was subsequently informed, and specifically does not comprehensively reflect higher education placements for which offers are made based on an alternative academic calendar (e.g. Asia and Oceania).

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