“The ‘normal’ we knew [before] left far too many people in the margins. People talk as if that was a ‘Golden Age.’ It wasn’t. I do not want to return to ‘normal’; I want to return to ‘better.’

- Cornelius Minor

Professional Development Days with Cornelius Minor

As part of our Professional Development Days in January and March, ISB organized two online sessions with Cornelius Minor, a Brooklyn-based educator, on social justice, equity and inclusion in our school. He engaged the Faculty and Staff members in a critical reflection on how the school’s policies and systems impact minority groups.

Striving for Equity in my Classroom

by Tricia Mowat, Gr 6 teacher

At the end of our session with Cornelius Minor’s, he left us with some work to do using a power tool: The Imagination Protocol. In this post, I am going to talk about where this Imagination Protocol has led me so far. I am just a beginner at thinking about my teaching through an anti-oppression lens. But, maybe, my reflections will get some of you talking to each other about how you are working towards more equity in your own classrooms or workplaces, or to be re-inspired to try something new.

Learning about myself

by Aléxia Matos, Senior Advancement Coordinator

Aléxia talks about how the PD workshop with Cornelius Minor inspired her to look at who she is and what kind of community she hopes to be a part of building at ISB.

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